The collection is named ‘Mama,’ as an homage to the designer’s mother, Alex Melceta Johnson.

This Howard University Alumna is Continuing DC’s Rich Music Legacy

Meet Jessica Teachey — She serves as the Senior Director of Community Engagement at Washington DC’s The MusicianShip, a non-profit organization that facilitates music lessons, experiences, and opportunities to benefit youth in need. The organization serves the community through an impact-driven ecosystem of music programs. Here she focuses on increasing music education awareness with regional musicians, preserving music history/cultural community experiences, and growing global program visibility. Her most notable projects are behind the non-profit’s major acquisitions of The Washington Youth Choir, The Wammie Awards, and the DC Funk Parade. Pre-COVID-19…

Celebrate your milestones and compare yourself to no one. — Shanice Love

Shanice Love was born in Miami, Florida the oldest of three children born to Haitian parents. She was always ambitious and reliable keeping with the firstborn trait and always a natural leader. Shanice was born into a family where the patriarch and matriarch functioned in the tradition of their former Island home, Haiti, ruling with an iron fist and not giving way to modern practices and beliefs when it came to their home. …

Lipstick has been around for thousands of years. National Lipstick Day allows us to celebrate the many colors, brands, and kinds of lipsticks, stains, and glosses offered in the marketplace. I have compiled this list of Lipsticks that should definitely be in your makeup collection.

  1. ILW Studios — ILW Lip Stains are basically the unicorns of all lip products out there. Unlike regular lipstick formulas, they have the ability to actually stain your lips for hours. Each ILW Lip Stain color is absorbed by the skin, rather than forming a layer over the lips as lipsticks do.

Focus is so important to accomplishing a goal. Sometimes, you might have to find a place at home, or a library to carve out time and space to be creative. — Veronica McFall

Over her twenty-five-year career in education, Veronica has worked to help young people and their families learn more about the importance and value of the acquisition of knowledge. In addition to serving as a college admission officer at three liberal arts colleges, Veronica has tutored, coached, and encouraged students to learn many of the soft skills required in order to be successful in school and in life…

With this in mind, Urbanime — a culture x comics company that creates authentic experiences that empower multicultural audiences through imaginative storytelling — is highlighting the interaction of Black music, culture, and comics with a month-long celebration.

Using Laughter to Heal and Debuting the One-Woman Show- “Struggling Chartist”

Comedian Blaire Postman is your high energy, fast-talking, faster thinking, very loud, Gen-X, ADD aunt with no chill. She’s been featured by the PBS NewsHour podcast, The Happy Trucker Radio Show, and streamed by dozens of NBC affiliates across the country via Roku. Blaire headlines indy clubs and features for renowned headliners at large clubs across the country, and has been selected to perform by many prestigious comedy festivals, including SF Sketchfest, Limestone & 10,000 Laughs. She also regularly appears at clubs and established alt-comedy rooms in New York. She’s perhaps best known for her signature flip-chart comedy bits, including…

Co-Founder of KREED

For every problem I face, I move forward knowing that I will find a solution.- Dr. Kristeen Onyirioha, MD

The Doc behind the sewing machine. Kristeen Onyirioha, M.D. co-founded KREED during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the midst of a global shortage of personal protective equipment. The company’s goal was to design scrub hats that would provide full coverage for all volumes and lengths of hair. As a healthcare provider, Kristeen understood firsthand exactly what healthcare providers needed and wanted in their scrub hats. She designed and sewed the very first KREED scrub hats, and since KREED has…

I define failure as no attempt to try. If you never try something, how do you know it will work? — Deborah Risper

Deborah Risper is an award-winning highly sought-after Serial Entrepreneur magnate. Deborah is also known as the Billionaire Brewer. She is a five-time Author, Speaker, Business & Book Coach. Her hope is to inspire women to live the life they dream about non-stop. By pursuing their purpose and passion, Deborah believes every woman’s desire to be her best self is highly influenced by the people she associates & trusts. Through her publishing company, Deborah spends her time helping…

Coble’s Landing the National Park for Black People.

Coble’s Landing is the perfect example of a safe space that is leaps and bounds outside of the original concept. Owned by Rex and Shawanda Coble of Charlotte, NC; Coble’s Landing is 25 acres of natural, untouched land that has been transformed into the ultimate safe space. Like most families that loved the outdoors, the Coble’s would frequent public areas to hike, fish, and enjoy the time along with their children but it began to be a little hard to ignore the disparities within the outdoor community and People of Color. While the “Nature Gap” was no surprise to the…

Chandra Gore

Principal Consultant & Publicist for Chandra Gore Consulting. Author, Speaker, Producer, Community Organizer and Festival Founder — Serial Entrepreneur

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